Hack Mobile Phone

Spy phone using Family Monitor(Try this new app):

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Hack friends phone for fun:

It is the hack application created to prank your friends like you are hacking their mobile. You can hack their mobile phone but you can not read any data. You are going to hack their mobile with the help of terminal application.

Step 1: Install the application on your friends phone whom you want to hack

Step 2: Add your mobile number on that phone. So, that you can send text message(SMS) from that mobile number.

Step 3: Activate the application and give back the mobile to your friend

Step 4: Send the commands to your friend mobile from your phone(Added number)

To know the commands type command from the application and it will list all commands for you.

More Instructions: Hack friends phone for fun

Play store link: Hack friends phone for fun

Control Others Phone(PRANK):

This is the application created to hack and prank your friends through internet. You need to install this application on both your mobile and the mobile you want to hack. You need to create a username and password on the mobile you want to hack. After activation of the application it hide from the phone and then you can give back the mobile to the person. You can use that username and password to hack and prank that mobile from your mobile.

Step 1: Install this application on the mobile phone you want to hack

Step 2: Click “Control this Phone” option

Step 3: Create a username and Password

Step 4: Activate Admin to prevent uninstall and to lock phone remotely

Step 5: Give back the mobile to the person

Step 6: Install this application on your mobile phone

Step 7: Click “Control From this phone”

Step 8: Input the Username and Password you created on that mobile

Step 9: Enjoy the prank Options!!!

Play store link: Control Others Phone(PRANK)

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